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Supplying specialist cinematography services to a broad range of commercial productions within broadcast television, film and advertising.

Based in England - I represent and supply productions in the UK & beyond.

More than 15 years experience working in the film and television industry, I have extensive knowledge of cinematography & film-making and pride myself on being dedicated to safe and legal operations; using only the very best in drone technology, stabilisation & grip equipment.

Comprehensively insured for commercial drone work with CAA approval for safe, legal aerial work.

Located on the doorstep to Millbrook Proving Ground, if you're planning to use this highly secure TV and filming location for filming or photography; you won't find another Drone Operator or Tracking Vehicle any closer. You can find more information about the services at Millbrook Proving Ground here: (https://www.millbrook.co.uk/services/proving-grounds/film-location-hire/).


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