Inspire 2 drone

Inspire 2.jpg
Small, fast, intelligent & fully integrated. The Inspire 2 delivers cinema quality footage (up to 6K resolution) from a small, dependable, world leading drone - packed with features.  

Freefly Alta 8 Drone

Heavy Lift Drone for large camera setups. The Alta 8 is a modern drone with some of the best specifications & features in the world, it has an outstanding reliability // safety record & pairs beautifully with the Freefly Movi Pro gimbal. 

Tracking Vehicle

Tracking vehicle equipped with Flowcine Black Arm & full range of vibration mounts | Shock absorbers & Gimbals. Crew options include precision driver, focus puller & gimbal operator.

Tracking Roof Mount

Universal suction mount with 150mm half bowl + the highly adjustable Kessler Killshock. This setup can be safely attached to the roof of almost any vehicle & in most cases doesn't require road closure - a great solution for 360 degree tracking shots on public roads. This mount can handle a variety of gimbals | payloads up to 25kg.

Drone Tracking Mount

Custom car mount designed for Inspire 2 drone; a very fast and fully integrated system that can be safely driven on public roads at high speeds with very long lasting batteries. Quick to deploy with the option of switching from tracking to aerial shots in less than 5 minutes. The footage from the DJI camera's (DJI X5s & X7) is often inter-cut with the best camera's in the world & it more than holds it's own.
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